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Wood garbage is the byproduct of activities such as logging and branch pruning. It contains uprooted and non-uprooted tree stumps as well as discarded trees.

The majority of this amount of waste originates from cities, where there is a lot of development, demolition, timber processing, and packing going on. Furniture, sawmills, pulp and paper mills, plywood mills, and particleboard mills are among the industries that contribute to the creation of used wood trash.

Despite having only 1% of the world's population, the UK consumes 3% of the world's timber. Despite the fact that timber is an organic and recyclable product, tree trash has been stacking up in costly landfills in the past.

Companies have begun to appropriately dispose of their wood waste and reuse it when possible in recent years. We have all the necessary CSCS, PPE, licences, insurances, and WTNs, and can provide you with copies of these documents upon request.

We render a commercial garbage collection service, and we work with the majority of the country's biggest construction companies, as well as enterprises from all industries that produce timber or pallet trash.

Professional Wood Waste Collection

We make every effort to ensure that as much of what we gather is repurposed rather than downcycled into thinnings. We lessen the demand for imported lumber and the environmental effect of the felling, processing, transfer, and transportation associated with it by pushing timber up the waste chain and getting as much as possible back into the community for Do-It-Yourself or garden projects. Our trucks consume far less fuel than a skip lorry, resulting in lower carbon and particle emissions.

We'll take almost any waste, tree composites, furniture, and wooden goods, regardless of type or condition. 'Minimum Load' collections consist primarily of different types of heavy goods such as fire doors, kitchen equipment, or sheet material offcuts.

We have trained professionals who are always on time at your location. Our services are affordable. With our 10 years of working experience, we have become London’s number one waste collection service provider, taking care of any problem wood waste can cause to the environment. At the end of the collection, we give you a waste transfer note.

Benefits of our service

The waste wood grades of timber we collect are of three types. The first type of wood is disused pallets, packing containers, and cable drums, as well as manufacturing and joinery offcuts, which are examples of clean wood or softwood.

The second is up to 80% solid clean timber combined with lumber from demolition and building, as well as solid wood furniture mdf content up to 5%. The third type of timber are fencing, chipboard, blockboard, MDF, OSB, and fibreboard are all examples of grade B wood. Timber that has been treated with copper/chrome/arsenic (CCA) or creosote is allowed.

We're organised and eager to provide exceptional customer service, and we're proud of our five-star Google rating and glowing feedback. We're fully insured, and we follow industry best practises for risk assessments and appropriate health and safety protocols.

For over 10 years, we have served residents in London, taking care of their industrial, clinical, residential, and office rubbish. We are also members of FORS and FTA and hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CHAS, and Construction line certifications.


What happens to their garbage after we've cleared it is a major issue for many clients (customers). When feasible, we recycle and encourage re-use. Our goal is to recycle more than our competitors and to come up with new techniques to increase reuse. Wood recycling is part of our specialised service.


Our company ensures that we will always dispose of your garbage responsibly and sustainably, while also being efficient and cost-effective. These are our company's guiding values, and they have made us the go-to company in London for waste collection and removal for many years.

Do you have any kind of waste on hand? Perhaps some garden trash has accumulated over time. Finding a low-cost, environmentally responsible garbage collection and removal service in London is straightforward with our removal company. For more information on our regular timber rubbish collection and disposal service in London, call us or visit our website.

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