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Because of their location, your attic can be challenging to access and even more challenging to clean out. However, they can quickly turn into a place where you throw trash that you want to get rid of later.

Clearing the attic of a house or apartment complex is much more difficult than clearing other rooms because of the steep steps, poor lighting, and wet conditions. We have a team of skilled employees that can complete the task for you swiftly, safely, and successfully without the need to take extreme measures to remove stuff.

Many people would view the chore of clearing out the storeroom with apprehension. After all, it's easy for a storage place to turn into a place for keeping trash and other types of rubbish, and the slow buildup eventually produces enough to double the size of a skip.

Here's how our services can benefit you.

We add value to your property

It's usually a good idea to increase your home's total floor space to increase its worth. The ideal place to do this is frequently a vault. Going into your vault is a terrific option whether you want to create a beautiful family room or a small hideout.

Safety of your home

Anything may be down there. It might even be hazardous to your family's and your own safety. Our experts have plenty of expertise in cleaning up these spaces swiftly, effectively, and affordably.

Trained staff

In our 10+ years of basement clearance, we've discovered all kinds of things. From classic motorcycles to cutting-edge computers, and everything in between. We have uncovered thousands of objects, all of which have been recycled appropriately after being divided into different categories like metals, plastics, paper, and glass.

What happens to your basement junk?

We do everything in our power to responsibly recycle as much of your trash and unwanted items as we can. For resale, we work with a variety of nonprofit organisations. The remainder of the garbage is processed before being delivered to specialised recycling facilities. 95% of your junk is recycled, at least. Up to 5% of your waste is disposed of in landfills as assured.

  • Board games
  • Kids' toys
  • Old music records
  • Wardrobes
  • Furniture materials like chairs, beds, sofas
  • Electrical appliances like televisions and computers
  • Clothes
  • Bulky materials
  • Old Christmas trees and decorations

We've developed a straightforward 6 step process to make reserving our junk clearance services as easy as possible. From start to finish, here is how it works:

  • Choose the service you need. for example, our basement junk clearance service
  • Verify that we provide it in your neighbourhood.
  • Estimate a ballpark cost using our online free quote tool
  • Then book our service if you're ready to move forward.
  • After that, we arrive on time, introduce ourselves, and go to work right away
  • We sort through the things at our warehouse after the work is over to keep as much as 90% of them out of the garbage.

  • North London
  • North West London
  • Hertfordshire

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