What are we doing about the virus?

We have taken precautions to reduce the risk of infection to our colleagues and customers, in accordance with published UK Government guidance and current World Health Organization standard recommendations against the virus.


In our attempt to reduce the risks and the spread of the virus, we have continued to create an awareness among our staff and customers of the current information on the prevention methods, government recommendations, and steps to reduce the spread and risks. This is a priority for us to educate and provide updated information to everyone related to our business.

Information monitoring and implementation

Our company is always monitoring data and following the recommendations of the UK government, the WHO, and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Employee covid-related absenteeism is being tracked, as well as the consequence of self-isolation after close contact. We are again utilising the resources across the group flexibly to assist our service delivery as needed due to high levels of absence. Management and executive teams will continue to receive regular reports.

Evaluating the situation

We are continuing to assess the potential consequences of any disruption to our business operations, and while extensive and precise business continuity plans have been prepared expressly for this case, we will adjust our plans as the situation develops. This procedure includes detecting potential dangers to our company and consumers, such as the inability to carry out vital and necessary procedures. If this happens, we'll work closely with customers to figure out the best way to keep critical functions and processes running.

Our customers’ role in the COVID-19 situation

If you opt to employ Any London Waste collection service to dispose of your trash, keep in mind that our workers are likely to be just as concerned as you are about contracting COVID-19. Here are some things you can take to reduce their hazards.

  • Place all trash outside rather than inside your home to make it as easy as feasible for them to collect it without having to enter your property and go against social distance norms.
  • If feasible, place any loose garbage in plastic bags that are secured shut, especially if it includes equipment or objects that you have handled with your sweat on them e.g. gloves or masks.
  • Break down large objects or exclude them entirely from the collection so that we will only need to send a one-man crew rather than a two-man crew in order to preserve our social distance adherence.

The 72-hour rule

As part of our zero-contact service, we ask that all clients grant us access to any waste that needs to be collected and removed. If your waste is in the back of your building, we will only collect it if there is an external way through that allows us to access it without having to interact with our customers or entering their homes, or if you give us permission to enter your home.

If the waste is inside your home, we ask that you move the items you want us to pick up to the front of your property before your scheduled collection time. If you ask us to access your property, we'll make sure our staff is properly equipped to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as required by law.