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What we offer Medical Waste

Needles, contaminated waste products, packaging, confidential paperwork, excess general waste - let our professional team solve your waste problem

Any London Waste is delighted to offer a full range of hazardous waste services at Any London Waste. We serve a wide spectrum of medical, educational, and care-related facilities.

We provide clinical waste management services for hospitals and operating rooms, homes for the elderly, clinics and health-care facilities, veterinarian clinics, schools, dental clinics, company medical facilities, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

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  • AnyLondonWaste offer a reliable, efficient, service at a great price and at a time to suit you.
  • We can offer same-day callout, early-morning and late-night pickups.
  • All your waste will be disposed of responsibly with as much as 99% being recycled as part of our zero-to-landfill policy.

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Our fleet of vehicles and flexible teams mean we can sort your job no matter how big or how small. Let us also beat your annual waste contracts for rubbish bins, and yellow bin provision with our service which is cheaper than all the major contractors. Contact us for a reliable, flexible, responsible waste management plan at a great price or a one-off waste emergency.

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When dealing with clinical waste regularly, knowing how to properly dispose of it is critical. You need to know that you can rely on a clinical waste disposal company to provide reliable clinical trash pickups.

Hazardous garbage including clinical waste, is dealt with by Any London Waste. For a wide range of health organizations, Any London Waste provides clinical waste containers and a specialized clinical waste collection service. Whether you work in a doctor's office, a dentist's office, an optician's office, a nursing home, or another area of healthcare, we have a clinical waste collection service that is tailored to your needs.

Clinical waste is a broad word that refers to a variety of various sorts of medical waste that must be properly disposed of. Collection of clinical waste is strictly regulated to ensure that it is disposed of securely and without contamination.

We make sure that every information given is followed to clear off your clinical waste anywhere in London. We have the experience and we make sure you get the best service.

Medical waste

Medical waste collection service in London

Any medical rubbish

Every year, the United Kingdom creates hundreds of thousands of tonnes of medical waste, which causes the use of a dependable and trustworthy collection service. Our dedication to Duty of Care and the environment is vital, and Any London Waste can supply all that is required to dispose of all medical waste from your facility.

To ensure that medical waste is burnt and handled in accordance with the Duty of Care Regulations, we employ specialist vehicles and packaging, qualified drivers, and, of course, licensed disposal facilities.

As one of the clinical waste collection companies in London, our goal is to provide the best service in the industry at highly competitive rates, allowing your company to obey the law while saving money on the fees charged by other waste collection companies.

Disposing of clinical waste by professionals

Any London Waste team is highly professional. They have received extensive training in the collection and disposal of medical waste, making our medical waste removal service an excellent alternative for customers seeking high-quality, cost-effective trash solutions.

In treating your clinical waste, our professionals adhere to industry best practices and regulations. In addition to delivering exceptional service, they strive to ensure that your waste is collected and disposed of as economically as possible from beginning to end.

We have a specially trained team who will visit your site as soon as we get the details of the waste over the phone or through the internet. Our team will assist you in compiling a dossier listing of your chemical waste and develop a waste disposal solution based on what you have and what needs to be disposed of.

They are dedicated and efficient professionals that can handle everything from identification and collection to disposal and even recycling help.

Medical rubbish

We will collect all your medical bio waste

Medical waste disposal

Any London Waste has the solution for you, whether you produce little or big volumes of clinical or infectious waste. We provide approved containers and a dependable collection service for sacks, wheelie bins, and compactors. We can also provide you with a fully enclosed portable clean sweep compactor for offensive waste, as well as a maintenance and service package. All services come with the assurance that waste will be handled and managed correctly, and that appropriate paperwork will be provided for each service.

What do we take out?

  • Gloves
  • Laboratory coats
  • Masks
  • Drugs and pharmaceutical waste products
  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Diapers
  • Surgical equipment

Things we don't take away

  • General waste
  • Sharps waste
  • Cytotoxic waste
  • Toxic waste

Why choose us?

  • Experience: Any London Waste has years of experience in clinical waste services in London to remove their medical waste at very reasonable pricing. We understand how dangerous medical wastes can be to the environment and we have gathered adequate knowledge to handle it.
  • Range of medical wastes: We can help you customize the best solution to fit your needs, regardless of the sort of service you provide - educational or medical.
  • Highly trained staff: All our staff at Any London Waste understand what customer satisfaction is. They are highly trained to attend to all your needs and make sure that you enjoy the services we render.
  • No delay: As soon as you contact us, our crew will be on their way to your location. We don't waste your time or make excuses. If there was ever a cause to believe in us, this should be it.
  • Competitive prices: Our services are cost effective. We save you some money by providing you with top-notch clearance services.

Areas where we work

  • East London
  • South West London
  • North West London
  • West London
  • South East London
  • North London

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What is classed as clinical waste?

Clinical waste is a phrase used to describe trash generated by healthcare and related activities that may offer an infection risk, such as swabs, bandages, and dressings, or that may be harmful, such as pharmaceuticals.

How to dispose of medical waste

Because of the contagious nature of clinical waste, deliver it to a specialized waste facility for incineration or you can hire a clinical waste disposal company.

What happens to medical waste?

When medical waste is collected from facilities, it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. In the past, medical waste was simply thrown away in a landfill. It is now disinfected and reprocessed before being disposed of in a sanitary landfill.

What is medical waste management?

Medical waste management refers to the methods and procedures that must be followed to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. Medical waste management has a tremendous influence since medical waste can impair people's health and have major consequences for those who come into contact with it.

What is regulated medical waste?

Regulated medical waste is a type of garbage that contains blood, bodily fluids, or other potentially infectious waste, posing a considerable risk of infection transmission.

What is bio medical waste?

Any garbage containing infectious or possibly contagious items is classified as biomedical waste or hospital waste.

What colour bags are used for clinical waste?

Clinical wastes are separated into yellow plastic bags and labelled to be highly infectious.

How it Works

Any London Waste is the London’s largest Medical waste removal company. We operate across the London using our own in-house teams and our own fleet of more than 50 vehicles.

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