Pre-paid Rubbish Bags

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These are by far the best way to have your waste collected

Pre-paid Bags We Offer

Our services are flexible and designed to work around your business needs. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke schedule at the times that suit you best.

Our waste bags service is a popular, cost-effective option for your business when you do not have available space to order a waste container or produce small amounts of waste. Our bags are pre-paid which means you only pay for what you need, or it can be supplied on regular invoice account basis.

In general, our pre-paid waste bags are suitable for small quantities of general waste, dry mixed recyclables and cardboard, and are particularly popular among business clients whose premises are short on space for a larger static skip or bin.

Pre-paid bags are one of the most versatile methods of waste collection for private customers and businesses of any size:

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Price Per roll Quantity Total cost Maximum collections
£55 10 bags £55 2 collections
£50 20 bags £100 4 collections
£45 30 bags £140 6 collections
£42 40 bags £170 8 collections
£40 50 bags £200 10 collections

Just get in touch to discuss availability in your area, and we will do our best to find the perfect time for you

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Bags for Private Customers

Private customers can benefit when its end of tenancy general household clearance, large party waste leftovers, extra packaging, or general household clearance as well as garden green waste clearance which council collection will not cover.

Bags for Private Customers

Bags for Small Businesses

Bags for Small Businesses

For smaller businesses they offer flexibility you can fill only that amount of the pre-paid bags that your collection requires and keep remaining for next collection period.

Bags for Medium-sized Businesses

For medium-sized businesses, they can provide spare capacity on top of any bins or skips you have on-site, to ensure you always can clear the site from overflow rubbish which was left behind from you regular waste collection contractor. They can also be collected along with emptying any larger bins, if you decide to use both methods at once.

Bags for Medium-sized Businesses

Bags for Largest Businesses

Bags for Largest Businesses

Largest businesses having pre-paid waste bags available means that your employees can dispose of waste materials in the appropriate way any day it is required.

Our builder’s waste collection services are fast, convenient, and affordable. We can take everything, from concrete to wood, metal, and glass. Our pre-paid bags Designed for heavy duty contents up to 25kg per bag.

Cost effective solution!

No need to spend extra money for rubble bags

Fill in a bag with all loose small bits on your site which can be collected separately or with the rest of the bulky waste subject to a revised quote.

We also can offer onsite bagging up service tailored to your individual needs. They are by far the best way to have your waste collected.

  • light residual waste from retailers and offices
  • suitable for heavy waste from construction and hospitality businesses
  • recyclable paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic pots, trays, tubs, and bottles as well as Tetra type packs.
  • In additional we will be able to collect your dispose of bulky waste or flat packed cardboard or wood waste subject to additional charge

The price includes delivery, collection and disposal of the bags and a waste transfer note. We accept payment by credit or debit card, or payment link.

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