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In the UK, 7 out of 10 homeowners utilise their garage as an additional storage place for items they just don't have room for inside their homes. According to a recent survey, one-fourth of homeowners who own a car are unable to park it in the vault due to the excess clutter, rubbish, and gardening and DIY tools that are kept there. It's not shocking at all considering how little storage space there is in modern homes and how much empty space there is in the basement.

One in ten homeowners indicated they would probably never get around to cleaning out their basement because it was too much work, according to the same survey. By removing all the clutter, bulky waste, and unneeded furniture for you at reasonable prices, we can help you regain your basement as a useful area for your automobile and other necessary tools and machinery.

Booking our garage clearance service, we will arrive on time, with the appropriate garbage vehicle, load up, and go. Everything we load up will be evaluated. Everything that can either be recycled or put back into use right away will be separated. At an authorised trash disposal facility, anything that can be recycled but cannot be reused will be disposed of in the proper recycling stream.

The remainder will be legally and safely disposed of at a landfill location in an eco-friendly manner. We can be justifiably proud of the fact that 90% of the materials we use are either recycled or repurposed, reducing waste from entering landfills unnecessarily.

After clearing out your storehouse, you'd have a blank canvas in which everything is imaginable. It is a good idea to use the chance of a thorough cleanout to try something new in the hangar because it is an underused area in many homes. Why not use the area as a place to enjoy some space and quiet, a home gym, or both? You might even spend money to build an annex. This might serve as a visitor's area.

No matter what you intend to do with your junkyard, our removal specialists will be there to assist you with the clean-out.

The list of the waste we remove includes hoarded objects, old or unwanted furniture, electrical appliances, carpets, rugs, rubbish, any waste type, machines, bikes, and other warehouse items. An environmentally compliant service is what we promise. Give your warehouse a second life by letting us help. Other common garage wastes include:

  • Freezers/fridges
  • Paint
  • Gas containers
  • Bottles
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Used engine oil
  • Basement tools

There are 5 simple steps to taking care of your rubbish.

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