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Identity theft is a serious issue that is becoming more prevalent. Fraudsters can get information about where you live, bank, work, and even shop from your personal documents.

Private persons can also rip up papers to securely, easily, and cost-effectively dispose of confidential documents.

You could burn your sensitive documents, but this is unfriendly to the environment, and bonfires are frequently reported by neighbors, resulting in fines of up to £20,000 for unauthorized burns.

Having your personal documents securely shredded is the cleanest and simplest solution to prevent the risk of identity theft.

For customers who want to ensure their personal information never goes to untrustworthy people, we provide a professional, inexpensive shredding service at our company.

Our confidential documents disposal and rip up services will supply empty confidential waste sacks to you so that you can fill them with your unwanted household papers.

When you're finished, simply notify us, and our experienced crew will be at your home as soon as possible to collect the sacks and provide you with a waste transfer form.

Domestic documents will be transported to a secure depot, where they will be transferred to a grinding center and destroyed within 24 hours.

You'll get an email or a letter with a certificate of destruction for your records.

Secure onsite paper destruction is a wonderful alternative for businesses that need to shred private, intellectual, or royalty-based information quickly or with witnesses on-site.

The process starts with garbage collection and processing with a vehicle, followed by destroying the paper, loading of shredded papers, and transportation of the materials to a recycling center.

We gather your personal data and send it to our secure shredding center to be burned with our off-site shredding service.

The procedure starts with the collection of waste papers in our lockable containers or sacks, which are then sealed and transferred to the destruction site.

This service is ideal for individuals and businesses with a small amount of discarded documents.

The procedure is simple, with a fixed price and no minimum collection.

Sacks, tags, delivery, collection, secure destruction, and legal documentation are all included in the price.

The collecting sacks would be delivered to you. You'd phone us when the sacks are full, and we'd shred and recycle your documents.

his solution is ideal for companies that have plenty of private documents. It does not cause any preparation, and the collection is consistent.

Sacks, tags, delivery, collection, secure grinding, and legal paperwork are included in the price.

We come to your company once the waste bags are full, collect the sacks, and replace them with empty sacks.

Confidential junk is grouped into personal files, financial records, health records and criminal records.

Personnel files, such as curriculum vitae and cover letters

Order forms, invoices, bills, and statements

Medical records, including notes from doctors and nurses

Letters, reports, and images from social services

Criminal Background Checks

Business cards are used to promote a company

Badges of identification

Passes for security

Documents containing names and addresses

Inventive business ideas

Plans for a business


Out-of-use notebooks

Profiles or samples of products

Diaries of research data


Utility bills

Statement of account

List of customers and payroll records

Legal documents

Cheque books


The process begins with customers removing the waste sacks from the bins and sealing them.


When we are contacted, we come to the location to scan and collect the waste.


We load the waste sacks into our vehicles and drive to our secure site.


The confidential documents are destroyed in a depot for ripping up papers.


When the documents are destroyed, we issue a certificate of secure destruction to you.


The shredded documents are recycled into new materials.


A new sack is put into the waste bin to prepare for another waste disposal.

No extra or hidden charges

No minimum collection

For secure tracking, we ensure a QR code scanning

Our vehicles have GPS trackers and CCTV monitoring

100% recycling

Secure site

Certificate of destruction

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