Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a tiny file that is sent by a web server and saved on your computer's hard drive. When an individual visits a website, it is frequently used to identify that person. It maintains track of the sites visited and stores a limited amount of data about the visit. The cookies on this website are mostly used to run the site.

What are cookies for?

Cookies are used for analytical and performance purposes on this website. This enables us to recognise and quantify the number of visitors as well as observe how they browse around the website while on it. It also has sharing features, allowing you to share pages on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Cookies are necessary for the modern Internet, but they are also a security risk. Cookies are an essential aspect of web browsing because they allow web developers to provide you with a more personalised and easy internet experience. Websites use cookies to remember things like your logins, shopping carts, and other information. They can, however, be a gold mine of personal information for snoopers.

Types of cookies the company uses

The following listed cookies are used on our company’s website:

  • _cfduid (,,, This cookie is connected with CloudFlare-enabled sites and is used to improve page loading times. It's utilised to bypass any security restrictions based on the visitor's IP address, according to CloudFlare. It doesn't include any information that could be used to identify the user.
  • arraffinity: Because this website operates on the Windows Azure cloud platform, it sets this cookie. It's used for load balancing, ensuring that all visitor page requests are delivered to the same server during the browsing session.
  • cookiepermission: This cookie is used to keep track of whether or not a user has provided permission for Tracking Cookies to be placed.
  • _gid: Each page viewed appears to save and update a unique value.
  • __hssc: This cookie is used to keep track of how long a user has been online. This determines whether or not the __hstc cookie's session number and timestamps should be incremented. The domain, viewCount, and session start timestamp are all present.
  • __hstc: The primary cookie used to track visitors. It includes the domain, utk, beginning, latest, and current timestamps, as well as the session number.
  • hubspotutk: The purpose of this cookie is to keep track of a visitor's identify. This cookie is sent to HubSpot when a form is submitted and is used to de-duplicate contacts.
  • hsfirstvisit: This cookie was created to remember a user's first visit.
  • fr: For advertising purposes, it contains an encrypted Facebook ID and a Browser ID.

Detailed description in the form of a table listing cookies, their description, their lifetime

Name Provider Purpose Duration
__cfduid Cloudflare's content network uses it to determine which web traffic is trustworthy. 1 year
ASPSESSIONID# Maintains the state of the user across page requests. Session
CookieConsent For the current domain, it saves the user's cookie consent status. 1 year
JSESSIONID Users' statuses are saved across pages. Session
__ga Creates a unique ID that is used to generate statistics about how visitors use the website. 2 years
__gat Google Analytics uses this to limit the number of requests it receives. Session
__gid Creates a unique ID that is used to collect statistics data about how visitors interact with the website. Session
Collect Used to communicate information about the visitor's device and behaviour to Google Analytics. The visitor is tracked across all devices and marketing channels. Session
__atuvc It updates the social sharing function counter on a website. 1 year