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Because of a variety of environmental concerns, you cannot simply pour leftover cooking oil down the drain or throw it away with the rest of your trash. As a result, you must store it correctly and ensure that it is collected by a licensed collector.

Cooking and disposing of vegetable oil can be a messy procedure. If your company or business generates waste cooking oil, you must store it correctly in sealed containers, ensure that none spills, and have it collected by a qualified waste carrier who will transport it to an authorised facility for recovery or disposal.

It is important to dispose of waste oil properly. Tipping it down the drain causes foul odours, obstructions, vermin problems, and contaminated waterways, all of which can have an influence on the local ecosystem. Throwing it away can cause odours and pollutants in the land and water, and your general waste contractor is likely to refuse to remove it. If you choose to dispose of it inappropriately, you risk being prosecuted, therefore it's a good idea to choose a reputable cooking and vegetable oil collection service like Any London Waste.

We can supply you with a dependable and fast used cooking oil collecting service regardless of the size of your company. From London's top restaurant and hotel companies to individual restaurants and fast-food shops, we service them all. Hospitals, schools, universities, prisons, and corporations with canteens are among the places where we collect.

How do the used cooking oil collection services work?

We can provide reliable and quick collections with a variety of frequencies thanks to our vast nationwide network of local depots. We can collect used cooking oils and fats weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, or on demand, depending on the volume of used cooking oils and fats your firm produces.

Our cooking oil collection is orderly and simple. A breakdown is given below:

  • We come with a grease container for all your waste cooking oil
  • Our service is automatically scheduled based on the size of your tank and the amount of cooking oil you've used.
  • The service is contactless waste oil removal. Employee engagement is minimal since in-house professionals retrieve oil without entering the facility.
  • Locally, at one of our bio-secure processing sites, the material is recycled.
  • The vast majority of wasted cooking oil is recycled and utilised to make clean-burning biofuels.

How to dispose of used cooking oil in London?

Our cooking oil recycling method is easy to use, quick to complete, and results in a high-quality, environmentally responsible final product. We'll come to your business and collect your used oil waste at a time that's convenient for you, then make sure it's stored correctly in bulk containers before sending it to a waste vegetable oil recycling specialist.

Your used cooking oil is then transformed into bio-diesel, an organic, carbon-neutral, and less expensive alternative to fossil-fuel diesel.

This will benefit you in a lot of ways. First, our ethical practices provide a solution to one of your more challenging corporate recycling concerns, as well as a boost to your brand's sustainability.

With our dependable and diligent used cooking oil collection, you won't make any mistakes. Call us to request a quote from us today for free to learn how we can help you save time and money.

Used cooking oil should not be dumped down sinks since they can clog them up. Cooking oil, fats, and plate scrapings of fatty meals can all be given to your food waste recycling service in small amounts. If you don't have access to a food waste recycling service, leave it in a sealed container in the regular trash for your local council waste management to dispose of it.

Type of oils we collect

All vegetable cooking oils, as well as some animal fats like beef drippings, are collected. We can't process the fat from beneath the floor grease traps yet, but it can be collected with food waste and used to generate renewable gas, heat, and power because of its high energy content.

Engine, lane, or mineral oil will not be accepted. Whether you have motor oil to dispose of, contact your city or a local automotive retailer to see if drop-off places are available. Many cities hold hazardous trash pickup days regularly. Keep your old engine oil in a safe place and bring it to those occasions.

Why choose us?

Our waste cooking oil disposal service stands out from others. We are professional and timely in our service rendering. Choosing Any London Waste comes with lots of benefits. You can contact us at +448085062410.

  • By using Any London Waste waste cooking oil collecting and recycling system, you will be able to fully comply with your duty of care and prevent costly punishment because of waste cooking oils entering drains and waterways.
  • A paper Waste Transfer Note will be provided with each waste cooking oil collection. We'll also save an electronic copy that may be emailed to you, as well as comprehensive records on our cloud-based server.
  • The environment agency has granted Anylondonwaste full permission to collect and process leftover cooking oils. We can give consultation and site reports for proper storage spaces in accordance with environmental and health and safety regulations.
  • Cater oils ltd collects waste cooking oils, which are then recycled into bio-diesel at one of the UK's major refineries.
  • We provide you with certifications of compliance, weighing and data, and posters.

Areas where we work

  • North London
  • North West London
  • Hertfordshire London

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Because incorrect waste cooking oil disposal can cause substantial environmental problems such as drain and sewer obstructions, as well as water and soil pollution, WCO is classified as a hazardous waste. When waste oils and fats coat the surfaces of our streams, lakes, and ponds, oxygen exchange between the water and air is disrupted.

We recycle waste cooking oils we gather into biodiesel. We do not filter any of the waste oil we collect for reuse or animal feed. When we return to our depot with the used oils, we filter the waste oil to remove any moisture and contaminants before pumping it into a bulk tank for biodiesel manufacturing.

Used cooking oil, also known as "liquid gold," has proven to be a highly lucrative resource for restaurateurs, refineries, and criminals alike. Oil is transformed into yellow grease, a valuable component used in the manufacturing of renewable diesel and an element in consumer items such as animal feed, with the help of a renowned used cooking oil recycling business.

However, wasted cooking oil is useful in and of itself. It is collected and recycled to generate diesel fuel. In the last year, the price of old oil has climbed by 80%, reaching 66 cents per pound. Companies gather leftover oil from homes, businesses, and restaurants and refine it into renewable energy sources, such as biodiesel fuel, a green alternative to conventional fossil diesel.

Most restaurants use cooking oil disposal and waste oil pickup services supplied by companies that specialize in the disposal, pickup, and recycling of used cooking oil. These restaurants have cooking oil collection bins, which are normally kept in the back of the restaurant beside the garbage cans. However, most restaurants get their cooking oils collected for free regularly.

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Any London Waste is the London’s largest Cooking Oil waste removal company. We operate across the London using our own in-house teams and our own fleet of more than 50 vehicles.

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