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What we offer for furniture removal

We provide a straightforward and efficient furniture collection and disposal service from any location, including homes, offices, commercial buildings, hotels, retail stores, and construction sites.

Our two-man crews will remove any unwanted furniture, whether it is old, broken, or simply undesired.

Unwanted beds, outdated mattresses for recycling, and sofa removal are the most prevalent. We can assist you with any type of furniture removal in both small and large quantities.

  • couches;
  • tables;
  • cubicles;
  • tool units;
  • mattresses;
  • chairs;
  • armoires
  • file cabinets;
  • desks;
  • sofas;
  • sofa beds;

London’s premiere furniture waste removal specialists

Our green credentials don't stop there - up to 99% of your waste will be recycled where possible.

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Do you have unused furniture in your home that is collecting dust and taking up a lot of space? Are you seeking a simple way to remove and dispose of your old sofa in London? Your search has ended.

We are Any London Waste and we make our customers our priority. If you want to avoid a trip to the nearest rubbish disposal site or a local charity, our unwanted furniture removal services are a cost-effective option.

With our removal company, getting rid of unwanted furniture does not need to be stressful or expensive.

We'll be there for you whenever you need us, anywhere in London with our same day furniture removal services. When you need a clearance service, whether it's for used furniture pickup, broken furniture removal, domestic unwanted furniture collection, office furniture disposal, scrap old furniture, or garden furniture, simply call us or book a service online, and our furniture clearance team will be at your location shortly after.

Furniture rubbish removal

Furniture disposal service in London

Furniture disposal

To collect your furniture waste, our bulky waste collection service arrives with a van and a removal squad.

We recycle as much as possible of the materials we collect, so if your cupboards are no longer useful, the materials are always recycled and reused.

We are a fully licensed furniture disposal company that will collect, recycle, and dispose of all of your unwanted furniture.

It doesn't get any easier than this in furniture disposal in London. Our quick and efficient house clearance service will not only free up valuable living space, but it will also save you time and effort.

Sit back and relax while we take care of the heavy lifting.

We have all the tools, equipment, and vans to remove your old and unwanted furniture, regardless of its size.

Before we leave your home, we even clean up everything so you may admire the freshly liberated space and use it for something else.

Furniture waste by professionals

All of our team members have lots of work experience and are outfitted with all the needed tools for the job.

Our qualified household rubbish removal staff will arrive at your location within a 2-hour time frame and remove your sofa or other unwanted items from your property with no help from you.

Our furniture disposal team is highly professional and trained to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our job every time.

From the moment you place your service request through the very conclusion of the waste collection and cleanup process, our courteous customer care team will be there to make sure you get the service you desire.

Furniture waste removal

We will collect all your old furniture

Furniture rubbish removal

Any London Waste can remove all unwanted items from your property in almost no time, from furniture and household items to garbage from the garage and large tools or equipment.

Our rubbish removal company also has a reuse and recycle program to ensure that all products are recycled or repurposed after being collected.

We can give your furniture to a local charity on your behalf if it is in good shape.

No project is too big or too small for Any London Waste. Six days a week, our hard-working crew is accessible for furniture disposal in London.

You can schedule a 2-hour time period with our team ahead of time. Depending on our team's availability, we can complete the project the next day or the same day you submit the request.

What we don't take away

There are some items that furniture removal firms will not accept. Most junk removal companies will refuse to transport anything dangerous or hazardous away.

Any London Waste furniture removal service will not accept the items listed below.

  • Ammunitions
  • Fuels
  • Insecticides/pesticides
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paints
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Fireworks
  • Medical waste
  • Confidential documents
  • Cleaning agents
  • Oils

Why choose us?


Any London Waste is an environmentally conscious company that reuses and recycles as much as possible.

We will reuse or recycle your products instead of sending them to the landfill if it is possible.

Our company has strong ties to several local charities, schools, institutions, and businesses who could benefit from your furniture.

We are one of London's most environmentally conscious furniture removal businesses.


At Any London Waste, we believe our customers come first. We operate only to satisfy all of our customers' requests.

Our satisfaction is in you being satisfied with our service. It is difficult to get the customer satisfaction we give at Any London Waste in other removal companies.

Professional team

Our team of removals is highly trained and equipped with updated tools and working equipment.

They are up-to-date on the latest environmental regulations.

Our uniformed crew is smart, pleasant, and professional, and can arrive at a time that is convenient for you, so you don't have to take time out of your day.

When you use our furniture removal services in London, you won't have to lift a finger because our crew will handle all the loading and heavy lifting for you.

Fast and simple booking process

It's quite easy to schedule your furniture removal. To get started, all you have to do is to call us or drop us an email.

You can also send us photographs of your stuff. We will provide you with a price once we have all the necessary information.

When we get to your place, the price will be confirmed. We won't begin work until you and we have agreed on a price.

Payment will be expected only when the service has been done and you are completely satisfied.

Areas where we work

  • East London
  • South West London
  • North West London
  • West London
  • South East London
  • North London

What people say about us


How do you get rid of old furniture?

  • Sell: You can sell your furniture at a garage sale or to a local secondhand shop if it is clean and in good shape
  • Donate: Donating good-condition furniture can make a tremendous difference in the lives of those in need.
  • Hire a furniture removal company: If you only need to get rid of a few things but can't lift them, consider hiring a furniture removal service.

How do I dispose of an old sofa?

For a nominal cost, you may have your old sofa picked up by your local council. You can hire professional waste collectors if you need your trash picked up sooner.

How much does furniture removal cost?

The cost depends on factors like the location of the removal, the size of the furniture and the type of removal service that you choose to use.

How to get rid of junk furniture?

Most furniture can be recycled at your local recycling center. If you cannot visit your local center, your council may collect your furniture from your residence.

What is the fastest way to get rid of old furniture?

While there are many ways to get rid of old furniture, consider a few things before doing so.

If you're short on cash, selling them may be the best solution, but if money isn't an issue right now, you can donate them to charity.

How can I get furniture removed for free?

The best approach to dispose of it is to donate it to a charity or give it to friends and relatives.

You can also arrange for it to be picked up by your local council if they offer waste clearance services.

How it Works

Any London Waste is the London’s largest Furniture waste removal company. We operate across the London using our own in-house teams and our own fleet of more than 50 vehicles.

  • Order your clearance
  • We collect your waste
  • Transfer your waste to a local Transfer Station
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