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Time to reorganise your wardrobe

Each item in your wardrobe is significant for you, full of memories and associations; that is why we may keep some of clothes for ages without wearing them. You wardrobe audit cannot be conducted in one day, as it may end up with emotional stress for you because you get tired and lose objectivity.

Therefore, auditing is best done in stages. For example, one box (or a shelf, or - choose your option) a day. Even a single mother of seven children or business women with the vast contracts can find this time. The main thing is to clearly define the time frame for the "detox program of your wardrobe." Let it be one week after which you will get your closet cleaned.

Analyse and act! We start with the underwear! Sort out all the models that do not cheer up your beautiful curves, that are too tight as they may harm your health or stretched and faded models.

Be critical! Look at your items as if you were a stranger. Do not miss any clothes with stretches or some sort of impediment. Forget about budgets and capabilities of your purse. Think only about the quality and condition of things. Place on the shelf should be left for the best!

Sort quickly! Prepare a few plastic bags of a large volume (you can take garbage bags) to sort things.

In one package put things that must be disposed of; another package leave for the things that are in good condition, but do not suit you for whatever reason; the third set is for things turned into vintage in your closet, and you cannot remember the last time I wore. Gardeners and lovers of barbecue in the wild can afford the fourth package - with the things that can go up to the attic of their cottages.

The most important thing in sorting – do not to start examining and staring at this stuff!

Make quick decisions. It is important to keep to your initial opinion, as it will be the most truthful and objective decision.

Once things are sorted out, the contents of the first package should be utilized; the second package - need to be present to charity (certainly beforehand you give away the things you need to iron and wash out); the third package - send deposited in the "far corner", garage or other place to rest; the fourth package goes to the cottage.

Wipe the shelves and the wardrobe with a damp cloth and place kept clothes in whatever order in the closet and forget about them for a couple of days. Take a break from the work done. Take time to other areas that may be involved in the creation of your image.

Analysis of other accessories. If the hut is burned, then burn the barn too! Inspect shoes, handbags and other accessories. Check all expire dates of your cosmetics. Without a drop of remorse, send in trash everything that is overdue.

Stage 2. After a few days, maybe even a week after the completion of the first phase of "detox program for the wardrobe" spend double check - re-clean what is on your shelves. The rules are the same as before: more criticism than greed. This procedure must necessarily fill up the package under the heading "store in the far corner." Do not be afraid to put off what you do not like. In the most extreme case, you can always return to this "spare" things, but not earlier than two months. Within two months, you are required to use only those things that are left in the wardrobe.

If you honestly react to the process of cleaning the closet - in front of you will be only those things that really bring joy and beauty to your image.

Do not worry that there is not much stuff! With the right mix, the same thing can look completely different. Now, with a clear conscience and a great mood, you are ready to analyze the "survivors" of things.

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