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Simple steps how to create less waste

In this article we are going to share five simple ideas that can help create less litter around the world, and even to save the family budget. These are easy actions that do not need much time only your awareness.

First, batteries! Today, perhaps, it is difficult to find people who do not use batteries. We will not delve into the question of harm of the used battery to the environment. If interested, you can look it up in the search engines. But you will be shocked by how much harm even one small battery brings if thrown in the trash. It is important to remember that they need to be recycled only in specialized shops or points. Instead of buying new batteries you can get rechargeable batteries. Charger will save the family budget a lot and help reduce the amount of used batteries and therefore waste.

Second, do shopping - with a bag. Eco Bag protects not only the family budget, but also significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste. It is a fact that we often go shopping and will buy a plastic bag that will be thrown away – so a good shopping bag will save up extra penny and nature. Frankly, I do not always use the shopping bag. Sometimes I forget it at home, sometimes I buy more products and need an extra bag. But even if in 60 percent of cases I will use a bag for shopping instead of buying plastic bags - it will improve the situation a lot. Third, stop using disposable plastic tableware. I remember how glad I was for the appearance of disposable tableware. It really was a gem on the road – so convenient for B-day parties and picnics. But only time will show how much disposable tableware is in the waste by now and how much more of it the land will digest for centuries.

Fourth, start collecting paper. By this long forgotten way to give the paper a second life, we came by coincidence. There was a project at school and my daughter insisted on collecting waste paper for a week. When the results appeared, I was shocked by the amount of paper thrown away. So, after the project we continued collecting paper in a special box. Just when throwing away receipts, packaging of tea, tights, boxes of cosmetics and many other things, such as you do not think that this is also the paper and can be easily sent for recycling. Even if you do not want to take out the trash yourself, you can find someone who will himself come and take papers away regularly. For instance, AnyLondonWaste company that specializes on recycling.

Finally, give old clothes a second chance! Before you throw something away try to think how to use it and whether it is possible to give it to someone who will need it. It is not about storing a lot of trash but about living cautiously and raising your awareness.

Look around! We often have different boxes, jars used by children for different games. Yet we give things away that are no longer needed, or out of which we grew to those who need them more. Also, there are many ideas for creating beautiful and useful things from waste material - this is for those who love to create with one’s hands. So, at the end of the post I would like to share one more thought. Before buying something, it is worth asking yourself the question "do I really need this?". This question cannot only save money, but also reduce the amount of trash. Even a small step can bring a big change!

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