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House cleaning tips

Time and health seem to become the most expensive values nowadays. Today, we are looking for the answers how to save both of them.

House cleaning plays a big role in prolonging your health, but at the same time we somehow procrastinate cleaning activities for as long as it is possible. Only few representatives of human mankind can boast with immaculate households. [...]

Clever Gardening

Summer is here with lovely sunny mornings and late sweet sunsets. As days get longer there is a bit more time to spend outside and enjoy your garden beauties. We have been looking for some great ideas how to make one’s garden a greener place and your home a cleaner place too. [...]

Six Steps to Smart Plastic Reuse

Spring has come and every corner is blooming. Are you thinking of getting new plants or flowers for your garden, balcony or apartment? Stop and read our ideas before you go to buy new flower pots! Look around, do you have any plastic bottles in your house? [...]

Free from Junk Mail!

Are you lost in junk mail? Are you tired of throwing away unnecessary letters, leaflets, notes, advertisements, brochures, flyers and bills? Any London Waste company has prepared some useful tips to fight unwanted paper stock of 4.4 % of the annual paper consumption by UK citizens and save the lungs of our planet – trees!

First of all, order a free “No Junk Mail” sticker for your post box. If you are a resident of the City you can order it via email In other case, just drop by one of the City Libraries and ask for a free sticker. [...]

Tired of Recycling? Tips to choose Your Waste Contractor

Everybody knows the saying „If you are tired of London, you are tired of life!” Indeed our amazing city offers so many chances to enjoy living to the fullest, but it also brings many responsibilities to fulfil. One of them is any London waste collection and conscious recycling.

Walking down a clean and beautiful street we rarely think about the efforts spent on keeping it pleasant to our eyes and nose! But isn’t it alarming that councils in London alone get 4 million tonnes of rubbish a year! According to London Councils organisation only 34 per cent of the capital’s household waste is recycled, which makes it below the national average of 43%. [...]