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How to store food: saving your money and health

Choosing good products and bringing them home are only first two steps. Storing your purchases to keep them fresh for several days, especially in the refrigerator requires a bit more time. Believe us, the storage of products is a whole intelligence system! Here we provide some tips how to properly store food. We hope that it will help you save money and help your health. [...]

Safety Tips for Novice and Mature Gardeners

Gardening is essential for any British household. But do you consider safety aspects while working in the garden? Physical aspects of work like digging soil, planting seeds and weeding – all of them require serious physical labour. Therefore, before you begin to actually work in the garden, it is wise to plan what you are going to do in order to reduce the risk of physical injury and pain. [...]

Making Old Things look Hot Again

Do not rush throwing away any old furniture. After all, it may be an inexhaustible source of ideas and creativity to decorate your interior, making it really unique and saving extra pennies.


How can we become a key to cleaner Air?

We are proud to live in the heart of the world – the glorious capital of the UK and world businesses. But there is a big price that we have to pay every day for all the pleasures – poor quality of air. [...]

Things We Can with a Metal Can

Tin cans are one of the most common representatives of any waste bin. We recklessly throw them away without even imagining the worth, effort and time invested in their production. A simple metal tin can is made of gold actually. So, who dares throwing out gold nowadays? [...]