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Safety and chemicals

Nowadays, the development of the chemical industry in the field of household chemicals stepped far forward and there is a fairly wide range of chemicals for the care of the house available in the stores. But lately, many consumers are looking for an important criterion selecting more ecological safe household chemicals rather than efficiency and economy. We have prepared a list of the basic rules that must be followed when using household chemicals. [...]

Clothes recycling

Change your life by giving away unwanted things for the charity. It is sometimes hard to throw away clothes, but there is a golden rule of any fashionista and clothes maker. Every new season you should reorganise your wardrobe and let old things that you have not been wearing for a year go! [...]

Recycling Plastic at Home

The main danger of this type of waste accumulation is that plastic practically does not decompose naturally, as the period of digestion lasts for hundreds of years.

If food waste can turn into humus quickly enough; the waste from plastic, if not processed, will constantly accumulate. Every year the need to organize the enterprises for processing plastic waste is feeling stronger in every major city. [...]

Amusing Idea of Reusing Tires

Are you eager to make your cottage or backyard beautiful and comfortable with minimal cash charges leading to new design solutions and using materials at hand? One of the most popular material for the garden waste craft is simple old tires.

Honestly speaking, there is nothing complicated to reshape the pieces of tires if there is enough of material, desire and time. [...]

How to Clean it when Repairs are Done

This question eventually knocks everybody down who has had their flat, house or office renovated. Bringing order and cleanliness after repairs is not easy, because the amount of work looks crazy. Often it is necessary to use special equipment and buy expensive cleaners. But the best solution how to clean the house after repairs is to call to AnyLondonWaste company! But if you want to give it a personal try here are our smart tips. [...]