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Green Start-Ups

We have been recently writing about green shopping. Everyone understands that everything related to the "green" is on the ball, the organization of business is no exception. Let's look at the most promising business ideas for organizing your own "green" business. [...]

Attention: hazardous waste!

Always check out things that you throw into the common waste. Be careful if the ingredients contain one of the following [...]

Time to reorganise your wardrobe

Each item in your wardrobe is significant for you, full of memories and associations; that is why we may keep some of clothes for ages without wearing them. You wardrobe audit cannot be conducted in one day, as it may end up with emotional stress for you because you get tired and lose objectivity. [...]

Simple steps how to create less waste

In this article we are going to share five simple ideas that can help create less litter around the world, and even to save the family budget. These are easy actions that do not need much time only your awareness. [...]

How to save on food expenses?

It may sound corny, but the list is a real salvation for those who always come into the store on an empty stomach and throw off supermarket shelves in the truck – getting all that is able to provoke appetite by the smell, appearance and colorful packaging. In fact, it turns out that most of the products purchased in this way you do not need at home. [...]