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Bagged waste collection in London

Bagged waste collection

Any London Waste provides the option of a convenient bagged waste collection service. Just fill up our pay-as-you-go bags and put them out to be collected at the specified time. We can arrange to pick up your bags as often as you need, up to seven days a week. And we offer our bagged waste collection service at an unbelievable low price – far below the cost of local council bag collection.

Plus, our bagged waste collection service makes recycling easy. No more sorting different types of recyclables into numerous separate bins and bags. Just put all recyclables, including cardboard, all colours of glass, all colours and types of plastic, newspaper, and food tins, bins, and packaging into one convenient recycling bag and we’ll do the rest. Our state-of-the-art, automated, mechanical recycling facility will separate your recyclables with over 95% accuracy.

Our fast, efficient, convenient bagged waste service will save you time and money. To get more details, discuss your pick up scheduling needs, and receive a free, instant, no-obligation quote on your bagged waste collection service, call us today. Actual fees seldom exceed the quoted price by more than 10% of our quoted price. And if it turns out that you the actual number of bags of waste removed is less than that covered by your quote, you will only be billed for actual number collected, so you’ll save even more.

 Typical uses

  •  General waste
  •  Food waste
  •  Non-hazardous waste
  •  Packaging waste
  •  Office waste
  •  Retail waste

Pre-paid bags benefits:

  •  No need for space to store a wheelie bin
  •  Collection 7 days per week
  •  Collection everyday
  •  Emergency service available upon request
  •  Delivery of bags within 48 hours of ordering
  •  Our price includes bag, collection and duty of care/waste transfer note - no hidden charges!*
  •  Maximum weight per bag is 18lbs.
  •  Order online
  •  Credit card accepted
  •  Reliable collection service
  •  No obligation to sign the contract
  •  Mixed recycling and residual waste collection available

The pre-paid sacks allow the customer to put out as many trade refuse sacks as required until their allocation has been used up.*

Pay as you go pre-paid bag service:

  •  General waste bags £1.75 each
  •  Mixed recycling bags (dry) (paper, plastic, cardboard and tin) £1.5 each

* A minimum of 50 bags must be purchased.

All prices are excl VAT and £ 15 administration fee

For those who wants to set up the account with us we will be pleased to offer a different type of the contracts with the special discounted rates tailored to your individual business requirements.



1. mini £ 35

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220L Bin - Small household waste
  • 30kg Weight
  • 1 yd3 (1 single item) 0.5 m3
  • 5 min Labour Included
  • Small household waste

2. small £70

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Small Skip - Average household waste
  • 250kg Weight
  • 4 yd3 (25 bags) 3 m3
  • 15 mins Labour Included
  • Average household waste

3. half load £ 140

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Builders Skip - Large household waste
  • 1000kg Weight
  • 8 yd3 (60 bags) 6 m3
  • 30 mins Labour Included
  • Large household waste

4. Full Load  £ 240

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Full Load - Domestic & House clearance
  • 1500kg Weight
  • 14 yd3 (110 bags) 10 m3
  • 60 min Labour Included
  • Domestic & House clearance

5. Big Load £260

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Extra Full Load - Professionals waste collection
  • 2000kg Weight
  • 16 yd3 (125 bags) 12 m3
  • 60 mins Labour Included
  • Professionals waste collection

6. XXL load £ 280

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Big Lorry - Builders site clearance
  • 2800kg Weight
  • 18 yd3 (150 bags) 14m3
  • 60 mins Labour Included
  • Builders site clearance